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Whereas: The practice of chaining dogs can be destructive to communities because dogs become more aggressive and dangerous when not adequately socialized.

And, because barking is increased due to boredom and sadness.

And also,
increased strain is put on Animal Control and Durham Police Department Personnel who must deal with citizen complaints pertaining to the problems associated with chained dogs.

Whereas, Durham County currently has guidelines [Section 4-62 (6)] as to how a dog can be chained or tethered but is inadequate in protecting dogs and unsuccessful in allowing animal control officers to efficiently enforce and sufficiently punish those that break the law.

Whereas, this practice of chaining dogs is considered to be inhumane, cruel and callous.

Therefore, we, the member neighborhoods of The InterNeighborhood Council resolve that Durham County adopt an ordinance that completely bans the continuous chaining of dogs at any location within the County and for any reason.

Passed unanimously on 7/25/06

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