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Whereas: Citizens need a way to monitor their service requests made to Housing, Zoning, Solid Waste and other city/county departments, and get discouraged when the work isn't completed

Whereas: When service requests become lost in the system, there may not be follow through,

Whereas: Unified call systems are an important way to get a "report card" on the effectiveness of city services. That is, if there are standards -- for example, how long it takes to handle requests -- and we monitor how well they are met, citizens will have assurance that requests are being handled in a timely fashion and will know how long to wait before following up on requests.

Whereas: This monitoring is equally important for county and city/county departments, such as zoning.

We resolve that: Durham One Call organizes "Service Delivery Standards," for consistencies in city/county departmental service performances and to allow citizens to monitor such performance of service requests through the system. Furthermore, we propose that the County be strongly encouraged to join the Durham One Call program in order to make county functions easily accessible to the entire Durham community.

Passed unanimously on 6/27/06

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