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WHEREAS, handgun violence remains a serious problem in and threat to our communities; and

WHEREAS, it is the responsibility of our public officials to write and enforce laws, and to devise programs, that contribute to the reduction of violence, public safety; and

WHEREAS, a significant percentage of violent crimes that result in death or serious bodily harm are committes with handguns, which are often illegally possessed by those who commit these crimes; and

WHEREAS, North Carolina places no restrictions on the sale of handgun ammunition that causes these deaths and serious bodily injury other than possessing a state identification and being 18 years of age or older; and

WHEREAS, this unfettered access to handgun ammunition by persons who have already been convicted of violent crimes and therefore cannot legally possess weapons, or have for other reasons such as mental disability already been determined ineligible to lawfully possess a handgun, makes the state of North Carolina an unwitting purveyor of handgun bullets to persons who cannot legally possess handguns;

NOW, THERFORE, be it resolved by the Durham Interneighborhood Council that the Interneighborhood Council formally state to the North Carolina Legislature its support of the Bullet Ownership Bill (BOB) to create a licensing procedure in North Carolina for the purchase of handgun ammunition, in order to promote public safety, gun safety, and common sense.


Passed on 2/24/2009.

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