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Durham’s InterNeighborhood Council Celebrates First Quarter Century of Service to Durham and Its Neighborhoods, Fetes Two-Year Crop of Neighborhood Heroes

June 18, 2009, DURHAM—The InterNeighborhood Council of Durham honored 38 Durham citizens tonight at a ceremony that also celebrated the organization’s first quarter century of service to Durham and its neighborhoods.

Grove Park resident Craigie Sanders, 2009 INC president, told the attendees, “INC is a community-based, grass-roots organization of neighborhoods that works with local elected officials to make Durham a better place to live and work. INC has served Durham residents for 25 years now. My hope is that we can continue INC’s rich tradition of community service for at least 25 more years.”

Durham County and Durham City both recognized INC’s contribution to Durham with proclamations lauding the positive and significant accomplishments that INC and its members have made “toward maintaining Durham’s enviable quality of life.”

Durham City Manager Tom Bonfield was INC’s guest of honor for the evening.

Duke Park INC representative Bill Anderson served as master of ceremonies, a role he has filled since the first INC Neighborhood Heroes Awards in 2003.

INC recognized 17 heroes (and heroines) from 13 neighborhoods for their contributions in 2007-2008. They are: Irene Guerrant and Loretta Ragan, Catsburg; Natalie Spring and Harris Carpenter, Cleveland-Holloway; Wayne Smith, Fairfield; Dr. Nancy Henley, Forest Hills; Vicky Worthy, Grove Park; Paul Cornsweet, Morehead Hill; Jennifer Kleckner, Northgate Park; Carolyn Young, Old Farm Neighborhood; Ben Palmer and Mark Cool, Old West Durham; Richard Brown, Parkwood; Rick Phillips, Twin Lakes; Elizabeth Gill and George Glover, Walltown, and Mike Cashion, Woodcroft.

Wanda Boone of DurhamTRY received the INC 2008 Good Neighbor Award in recognition of her professional efforts.

For 2008-2009 volunteer work in their neighborhoods, INC recognized 12 community leaders from 11 neighborhoods. They are: Laurie Renard, Argonne Hills; Tom Higgins and Diana Peronis, Central Durham; Joan Davis, Fairfield; Joe Chambliss, Forest Hills; David Davis, Grove Park; Rob Corns, Milan Woods; Dr. Terry Peaks-Cash, North East Central Durham; Page McCullough, Northgate Park; Carolyn Harris, Old Farm; Todd Twigg, Tuscaloosa-Lakewood, and Beverly Blue, Woodcroft.

INC held its celebration at Rigsbee Hall in Downtown Durham. Rigsbee Hall sponsored the event with contributions from Blu Seafood and Bar; Parker and Otis;
Pop's Restaurant: A Durham Trattoria; The Original Q Shack, and Rue Cler Restaurant and Bakery Café.

About InterNeighborhood Council of Durham

INC was organized in 1984 as a coalition of Durham’s homeowner and neighborhood associations. Its mission is to promote the quality, stability and vitality of Durham’s residential neighborhoods.

Member homeowner and neighborhood associations elect delegates to serve as active members of the council.

Besides 2009 INC President Craigie Sanders, INC’s 2009 board consists of President-Elect Colin Crossman, Trinity Park; Immediate Past President Ken Gasch, Cleveland-Holloway; Secretary Leslie Page; Treasurer Myers Sugg, Tuscaloosa-Lakewood; and board members Bill Anderson of Duke Park, Rosemarie Kitchin of Falconbridge, and David Harris of Old Farm.

More information is available at www.durham-inc.org.

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